Stop Losing the Sale by Changing These Three Things in Your Business


If your business is losing sales, you might be pulling your hair out trying to figure out why. Unless you can point to one specific change in your business that caused the loss, it is likely you need to do some diagnostics to figure out how to stop losing the sale.

Consider these three things to get back on track and help increase business sales.

1. Check Your Products and Services

The first thing every company losing sales should do is review the quality of their product. Has the quality declined? Can you improve your quality or service to make your company more attractive to customers?

You might offer a quality product, but keep an eye on your competitors, too. Do they offer products or services at a higher quality but similar price? Or do they offer the same product or service for a lower price?

Sometimes you can’t afford to lower prices, or you’ve found that the quality of your service correlates with your pricing structure. If this is the case, ensure that the perceived value of your product is high. Communicate to your customer the benefits and value of your product or service so they understand why they should pay more for your product.

You can achieve this through proper product merchandising and portrayal of your product through your advertising messaging. Your product’s packaging, how it’s displayed, and how it’s marketed, all play into the customer’s perception of your product and their decision to purchase it.

2. Improve The Customer Experience

If your product’s quality is good and the merchandising is appealing, analyze your customer service. Ensure that every step of the decision-making process is convenient and smooth for the consumer. Can customers find assistance when they need it? Are their questions answered quickly, correctly and in a friendly and welcoming matter?

Check your sales process, so you don’t lose customers in the checkout. Can customers check out quickly and efficiently? Carefully consider each step of your customer’s experience and how it may result in losing sales.

3. Stay Front-of-Mind To Your Target Customer

The last step is to ensure customers consistently hear about your products or services through targeted advertising. You don’t want to lose sales simply because your competitor is winning the advertising space and the consumer has forgotten about you.

Spend time studying your target audience and understand where they spend time. Consider advertising outlets to reach your target customer consistently across various channels. For example, advertising strategically on radio stations while utilizing social media channels that speak to your target demographic to share the same message. By choosing the best channel for your advertising while relaying consistent messaging across all channels, you’ll efficiently reach your customer by investing your marketing dollars wisely.

You can also reach your target customers by staying involved in community events and groups where your target customer goes. For instance, if your target customer enjoys sports, sponsor advertisements in local sports team programs or at the facilities. Having a presence at these events keeps you top of mind and shows that you support your community.

By following these tips to increase sales, you can find the cause of your lost sales and get back on track for better profits. Don’t be afraid to change up your business; it could just change for the better.

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