How To Boost Your Foot Traffic With a Tiger Tailgate Sponsorship

Tiger-Tailgate-2019-GraphicTiger Tailgate has long held the reputation of the biggest tailgate party at Mizzou. More than a thousand community members come together to eat, drink, enjoy music, and celebrate the beloved home team. That’s why sponsoring the event is such a boon to local businesses — share some of the spotlight with what the community already adores in order to capture new opportunities to convert fans into customers.

What You Say to Tiger Fans Through Sponsorship

Marketing is all about expressing your brand story and communicating a message to your audience. That’s never as loud and clear as it is when you sponsor Zimmer’s Tiger Tailgate, which allows you to become part of the fabric of your community while building goodwill with your prospects and customers.

Your business may be tapping into fan loyalty, but what fans hear is, “We support the home team.” You love what they love — Mizzou football — and you care about enriching their experience at the game. As a business owner, you may be looking for the opportunity to showcase your offerings while getting involved in the community, but what attendees hear is, “We’re a good neighbor.” Face-to-face engagement is important — especially with 1,000 plus attendees — and this sponsorship allows you to do that in a positive setting. Even though you may be there to add value to your company by providing the best experience in town, what your audience hears is, "We know how to have fun." You're proving that your company is not just fun, but worth visiting.

What You Get Out of Being a Sponsor

Opportunities for marketing at the event themselves aren't the only results sponsorships can provide. Partnering with Zimmer to sponsor the Tiger Tailgate has other benefits as well.

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Promotional Opportunities

Sponsors will have access to numerous options for promoting their involvement at the event. From in-store fliers to live and streaming radio spots to digital ads, (including social media), you’ll be able to raise awareness about your business and involvement with Tiger Tailgate all at once.

One example of giveaway success can be seen in Steve's Pest Control taking advantage of recent SEC changes that only allow clear bags of a certain size to enter games. A few seasons ago, they sponsored our clear SEC-regulated bags in the team's black and gold colors, complete with the Steve's Pest Control logo, and gave one to each woman who came to the tailgate so they would have something to carry into the games.

Increased Foot Traffic

You can certainly expect your presence at the event to increase foot traffic afterward, but you will also see increased foot traffic prior to the event. While Tiger Tailgate is free to attend, hopeful attendees will still need a pass to enter, which can only be obtained at our sponsor businesses. Southern Glazers, one of our recurring sponsors, was initially intrigued by the number of people that could be reached in a short period of time, enjoyed being part of game day at The Zou, and experienced sales growth during tailgate season.

Minimal Effort on Your End

Southern Glazers also highlighted how simple this process is for sponsors.

"Zimmer will handle most of the heavy lifting, including identifying your target audience for radio and much more, with your approval. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the event."

During tailgate season, Southern Glazers increased sales effortlessly, and they continue to profit from attaching their brand name to such a prominent event.

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Access to VIP Sponsor Den

Tiger Tailgate's VIP Sponsor Den is the perfect place to find some shade, get away from the crowd, or get a bite to eat without having to wait in line. This area will be limited to official sponsors only, who will have their own food and beverage line, as well as a separate exit and entrance, so they do not need to wait in line to get into or out of the tailgate. You can also get tickets to the games depending on your sponsorship level.

Tiger Tailgate is a huge event in our close-knit college town, and that provides an opportunity for local businesses to join in on the fun. Associating yourself with the Mizzou team and the University itself can endear you to Tiger fans, raising awareness about and interest in your business. Sponsoring the event takes this association to the next level, offering resources, advertising opportunities, and of course, increases in foot traffic.

Don’t miss out on your chance to sponsor the Tiger Tailgate! Contact us today to learn about how to become a sponsor.



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