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Home Owners Are Starting to Think About Spring, Are You?

Posted by Christine Overfelt on March 14, 2017 at 9:04 AM


When the holidays are over and winter is coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what to fix and upgrade around the house. As spring is quickly approaching, business owners should start considering marketing plans and how to get their name in front of homeowners. Here are some tips on the Who, What, Why, When, and How of getting homeowners interested in your product or service at a critical time to businesses who offer products or services related to housing upgrades, renovations, landscaping, and home improvement.


The housing market can change often, and there are years when it booms. Likewise, there are certain seasons such, as spring, when people start venturing out and looking to purchase a home or improve on their current home. When consumers go through a massive lifestyle change- like buying a new house- they might splurge by shopping for new appliances, fixtures, and upgrades. Likewise, when the seasons change and the weather gets warmer, homeowners might take on new projects - indoor and outdoor - to improve the quality of their home and freshen up their investment.

According to infoUSA, new homeowners spend an average of $10,000-$12,000 in the first year of living in their new home. Advertising to homeowners when they have just moved creates a tremendous opportunity to capture new customers who can then continue to utilize your business and refer your services.

However, many long-term owners set aside funds to make necessary upgrades over time as well. After working throughout the winter and growing their home improvement budgets, these owners may be itching to get those improvements underway as soon as the weather starts to get nice again.


As the flowers start to bloom and we come into a season of new beginnings, a lot of homeowners kick start their spring cleaning, focus on improving their landscaping, and make any other necessary renovations. Now is the time homeowners can re-stain their decks, fix the cracks in the driveway, schedule pest inspections, and improve interior insulation. Is there a product or service that you offer to assist with these needs?


Right now is when you should get your spring advertising underway because this is when people are planning their home improvement projects! Consistency and frequency are key factors to successful advertising, so if your business offers products or services that relate to home improvements and ownership, don’t miss out on this time to place your ads and get them rolling.


With the unusually warm temperatures we’ve had, you should start your advertising now to capture the attention of those planning out their spring projects and possibly even give them ideas on some projects they didn’t think of previously that involve your product or service. Remember that this is when homeowners are protecting their trees and gardens from insects and critters, cleaning out gutters, or simply revamping their look for the new season and bringing in a breath of spring air.


When planning your spring advertising campaigns, consider inventory, budget, and target audience. Review current audiences and what they are buying. Do you have a general idea of what they need/want and how they like to be communicated to? Then you can choose your advertising methods based on what you know about your current customers, what they need/want and how they want to be communicated with.

Luckily, homeowners are part of a large group ranging from new, young families who are just starting out, to empty-nesters looking to spruce up their place. According to Sales Fuel, homeowners of all ages and genders are consistently looking to upgrade their bathrooms and kitchen, while the top outdoor project is improving decks and patio.

And a lot of people listen to the radio. In fact, a Nielsen survey found that despite so much focus on digital streaming services and streaming music, radio actually has the most reach among American media consumers and 93% of adults listen to the radio each week. Since consumers trust the opinions of their favorite on-air radio hosts, partnering with local personalities and influencers, and having them to recommend your business could be extremely beneficial to your messaging and advertising plan. Multi-channel marketing can also get your business out in front of a wide range of potential customers across many channels.

Just a few years ago, the market for home remodeling reached almost $130 billion. As this trend in home improvements rises (especially in the spring when more homes enter the real estate market), shouldn’t your business get a head start on spring advertising?

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