Everything You Need to Know About the 2022 Man Show [VIDEO]

ManShow091121_88644-minAre you ready to be a part of an event showcasing all things manly? In recent years, over 1,000 eager Mid-Missourians showed up to observe and participate in the various, testosterone-filled events, contests, and booths that make up what is The Como Man Show.

At The CoMo Man Show, local firearms, hunting, fishing, and power tool vendors from across the mid-Missouri area will showcase their specialties. This year you'll also experience a hot wing eating contest, a beard contest, prize drawings, displays of campers, tractors, and motorcycles, and more. It's a lot, we know! We've gone into some more detail below so you know exactly what to expect from The Man Show, both as a sponsor and as an attendee!

Here's What You Can Expect...

1. Some of the Best Businesses in Mid-Missouri


What better way to show off or announce your presence in the community than by formally introducing yourself at this highly publicized in-person event. And if you are an attendee, consider this your opportunity to explore all there is to offer, have fun, and grab some free swag! 

Maybe you’re not a brand new business, but you recently launched new products or services that need to be introduced to consumers. The same still applies! What better way to accomplish this introduction than in person and in a fun atmosphere?

2. Notable Names

The CoMo Man Show draws in local appeal, gathering attendees from the Mid-Missouri area and beyond, while also having some recognizable figures present. Being hosted by Zimmer Communications, you are sure to see some familiar voices and faces, such as Shags and Trevor from 96.7 KCMQ's Morning Shag with Shags & Trevor!


3. Promotion and Marketing Opportunities Galore

Advertising can be expensive, it’s true. Sponsoring an event, however, can cost less than other advertising methods and can also provide a greater ROI by focusing your marketing efforts on your target audience.

ManShow091121_88409 (1)-min

Events like The Man Show offer business sponsors the unique opportunity to make their money right back at the event itself. Businesses who have a booth set up at the event may bring in their products and sell them on the spot, generating immediate revenue.

4. In-Person Networking

The Man Show is a one-day event, however, it provides more publicity than most businesses receive in weeks, even months! Previous shows have seen over 1,000 attendees! Be honest with yourself: where else will your business be able to reach that many local consumers all in one day? By sponsoring The Man Show, you can reach customers by having a raffle drawing at your booth, for example, collecting customer information to remarket back to them after the show is over. 

Not only do local events like The Man Show offer businesses the chance to get to know consumers on a more personal level, but they also are great for business-to-business networking. These connections can even help to identify potential partnership opportunities for the future!

5. Games, Lots of Them!

It may seem obvious, but sometimes we simply like to have a good time! And that's exactly what attendees get when they attend The CoMo Man Show.  At The Man Show, you can expect poker, a chicken wing-eating contest, a beard contest, and more! When your business shows its commitment to participate in fun events like The Man Show, local consumers will notice and will associate your brand with a sense of overall goodwill.


6. All Things Manly

The CoMo Man Show is your one-stop-shop for everything manly. It is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and connect with real people who are looking to do the same. And you don't have to be a man to attend! Bring your spouse, family, or friends to the show for a fun afternoon out.

If you think your business would fit right in at The Man Show, you are probably right! You'll find businesses of all sorts at this event, there will be something for everyone, drawing in attendees from all over that will have eyes on your business and looking to have a good time while doing so.

Interested in Sponsoring or Attending the CoMo Man Show in 2022?

Our team at Zimmer is anxiously counting down the days until The 2022 Como Man Show! We hope that our list has got you just as excited about becoming a sponsor or attending this wildly successful and unique event.

Ready for your business to be a part of one of the most exciting events of the year? Visit The Como Man Show’s website for more information and to become a sponsor today, or to purchase tickets to attend!

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