15 Reasons Why Your Business Should Sponsor The 2021 CoMo Man Show

15 Reasons Why Your Business Should Sponsor The CoMo Man Show

Take a moment to think back to when you were a little kid on Christmas morning, anxiously awaiting to tear into your long-anticipated presents. Those moments of waiting were filled with so much hype, it was virtually impossible to remain calm! At Zimmer, we know those same feelings of hype and anticipation are beginning to swell, as The 2021 CoMo Man Show draws near.

This event has been wildly successful in the Mid-Missouri area for years, and with many consumers ready to have fun, get out of the house, and attend in-person events, The Como Man Show is bound to be a huge success in 2021!

In recent years, over 1,000 eager Mid-Missourians showed up to observe and participate in the various, testosterone-filled events of the day. Some of these activities have included a hot wing eating contest, a beard contest, delicious food and drinks from local Columbia establishments, prize drawings, displays of campers, boats, and motorcycles, the opportunity to smash a car, and dozens of booths showcasing all things manly. Now if that sounds exciting, we're happy to let you know that this year is expected to be even better!

Apart from the hype, excitement, and awesome activities, The CoMo Man Show provides major benefits to the many businesses who choose to sponsor the event. As this one-day event quickly approaches, we’ve highlighted the top 15 reasons why businesses should consider sponsoring The Man Show in 2021.

1. So much publicity… So little time! 

The Como Man Show is a one-day event (September 11, 2021, to be precise), however, it provides more publicity than most businesses receive in weeks, even months! Previous shows have seen over 1,000 attendees! And keep in mind, this is for an event that is only going on its 4th year! Be honest with yourself: where else will your business be able to reach that many local consumers all in one day? And like we mentioned, attendees in 2021 will be eager to get out of the house to have fun at an event near them! It’s clear that you just cannot beat the amount of publicity that your business will receive from being a sponsor of The Como Man Show.

2. Get face-to-face with your target customers

Are men interested in your business? If your answer is yes, then it’s simple: you belong at The Como Man Show! And even if your target customer isn’t only men, The Man Show still provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get face-to-face with this highly sought-after demographic.

3. Promotion galore

Our team at Zimmer hypes up The Como Man Show by promoting it months in advance in a variety of ways. This includes commercials promoting the event across all 9 radio stations, the on-air DJs promoting it during their live shows, the event promoted on the Como Man Show Facebook page and station Facebook pages; E-Blasts to our radio station listener databases; showcased on our websites and more! This is great news for businesses who decide to be a part. We definitely do our part in attracting the masses to this event!

4. Stand out in your community.

Consumers pay special attention to businesses that are involved in local happenings. By being a sponsor at The Como Man Show, your business will come across as a relatable member of the community who consumers can feel a special bond with. This is especially important if your company receives a bulk of its business from local consumers. Overall, your business’ willingness to step out and be a part of local events will not go unnoticed and will communicate to consumers that you are a valuable asset to the community.

5. Educate consumers about your industry and business.

Are there any current misconceptions about your business or industry? Have you ever hoped for access to a platform where you could address these misunderstandings and bring further understanding to why your business is a great choice for consumers? Well, The Como Man Show may be your perfect opportunity! This event is an excellent place to educate the public not only about your industry, but your specific business as well. The best part? You get to do it in person!

6. Attract qualified leads.

One of the most coveted aspects of sponsoring an event is gathering qualified leads! There are many practical ways that your business can make this happen. For starters, The Como Man Show sponsors can receive promotional mentions across all of Zimmer’s radio stations, digital mentions, a booth at the show, and name recognition/mention throughout the event. These promotional items will help kickstart the lead generation process by causing your brand to get “stuck” in consumers’ minds.

We also encourage businesses to make an effort to actively gather leads at the event itself. This can be done in various ways, such as sponsoring a contest and asking for entrants’ contact information in exchange for their participation. Email addresses, for example, are great pieces of information to gather, as these can be added to a database, allowing your business to consistently nurture these leads. And remember, we are here to help your business brainstorm the most effective ways to ensure that lead generation happens as a result of The Como Man Show.

7. Introduce yourself.

If you are a new business in the community, consider The Como Man Show to be your business’ “Show and Tell” opportunity. There is no better way to announce your presence in the community than by formally introducing yourself at this highly publicized in-person event.

Maybe you’re not a brand new business, but you recently launched new products or services that need to be introduced to consumers. The same still applies! What better way to accomplish this introduction than in-person and in a fun atmosphere?

8. Reintroduce yourself. 

On the flip side to the above point: What if you’re an established business in the community with established products and services? Does sponsoring The Como Man Show still have benefits in-store for you? Of course! Consider this event an opportunity for your business to show consumers that you are still around, and are still relevant. Consumers in your market are “hit” with thousands of business names each week. They need constant reminders, lest they forget that your business exists altogether. Confidently demonstrate your brand’s relevance by being a sponsor at The Como Man Show!

9. Make money!

Events like The Como Man Show offer business sponsors the unique opportunity to make their money right back at the event itself. Businesses who have a booth set up at the event may bring in their products and sell them on the spot, generating immediate revenue.

10. Book appointments on the spot.

One of the most unique benefits to sponsoring an event is that businesses can take lead generation one step further by converting a lead into a customer right at the event itself. If a consumer seems interested enough at the event, why not go ahead and set them up for an appointment, free trial, or consultation?

11. Market yourself at a low cost.

Advertising can be expensive, it’s true. Sponsoring an event, however, can cost less than other advertising methods and can also provide a greater ROI by focusing your marketing efforts on your target audience.

12. Network in-person.

Not only do local events like The Como Man Show offers businesses the chance to get to know consumers on a more personal level, but they also are great for business-to-business contact. Event sponsorships are highly effective ways to network with other local business leaders. These connections can even help to identify potential partnership opportunities for the future!

13. Boost your social media engagement.

Fun and engaging events like The Como Man Show are a social media success story waiting to happen! Because of their fun atmosphere, social media followers will be anxious to see what’s happening by tuning in and engaging online. By posting photos and Facebook live videos the day-of, you can be leveraging social media at the event itself. Your business can also use social media platforms to generate a buzz surrounding the show before it even begins.

14. Everyone loves fun! 

It may seem obvious, but sometimes businesses need to be reminded that consumers are people who simply like to have a good time! When your business shows its commitment to participate in fun events like The Como Man Show, local consumers will notice and will associate your brand with a sense of overall goodwill.

15. Right to renew.

After the success of previous years, sponsorships for The Como Man Show are certainly in high demand. Because of this demand, we give sponsors the exclusive opportunity to renew their contract for the following year before we open up sponsorship opportunities to the general public.

Our team at Zimmer is anxiously counting down the days until The 2021 Como Man Show! We hope that our list has got just as excited about becoming a sponsor of this wildly successful and unique event.

Ready for your business to be a part of one of the most exciting events of the year? Visit The Como Man Show’s website for more information and to become a sponsor today!

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