Advertising Tips for a Successful Post-Pandemic Comeback

Advertising Tips for a Successful Post-Pandemic Comeback

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lives forever. That includes the way we market our businesses. There are many lessons learned throughout this troubling time, some have made us smarter, more resilient, and flexible. The word “pivot’ comes to mind. Businesses were forced to jump into action and make changes to their everyday business routines. These advertising strategies have continued to grow and, unlike masks and 6-foot social distancing, aren’t going anywhere.

advertising-in-uncertain-timesDigital Marketing is a Must-Have

Reaching your customers and generating new ones online is a must-have you cannot ignore. Now more than ever, thanks to the pandemic, customers are using their mobile devices to research, compare and shop for goods and services. Shoppers are accustomed to and enjoy the convenience and safety of online shopping. They expect a positive online experience. This includes an up-to-date mobile-friendly website, email marketing, and a strong, interactive social media presence. Creating a post-pandemic advertising strategy with relevant content gives you many opportunities to reach your target audience, will strengthen your business, and help you keep ahead of the competition.

Get Social and Stay Relevant

Social media is not a passing fad. It is a very important part of your post-pandemic marketing strategy. Do your research to know which platforms are best for your business. It’s not about what you use and’s about where your customers are. Then, get to know who your customer is and what they like and engage them on social media. Ask questions, post photos, include customer testimonials. Link to your website and blog posts. This will generate organic growth (via shares and likes and link clicks) and when you “pay to play” through ads and boosts, will generate even more leads. Refer to the analytics provided by social media platforms and search engines to evaluate how well your posts do. Stay consistent, post regularly, and always respond to comments or questions that are posted. This will help you develop trust and form relationships that will result in future sales. 

Resume Marketing

If you had to scale back on your advertising, it’s time to ramp back up. Consumer habits went by the wayside, and now isn’t the time to passively wait for customers to remember you. It’s critical that you let people know you’re open for business and actively invite them back.  By the same token, if the quarantine forced you to scale back or alter your products or services, map a timeline for resuming those offerings. There may be some changes you’d like to continue offering...others you’ll be happy to let drop. The good news is that you get to decide how to go back to market. Most likely, some of the new consumer habits formed during the pandemic won’t go away all that quickly...things like online sales, curbside delivery and sanitation practices for service industries. It’s a chance to focus on what you want your business to look like moving forward, stay true to your brand if not redefine it some, and perform with excellence.

Staff Back Up

Probably the number one challenge we hear from business owners currently is the problems they are having with hiring staff. It's hard to manage the increase in business if you don't have the employees to handle the load.  One of the changes that the pandemic only served to reinforce was the way people interact and consume information. Old standard methods of recruiting employees aren't working anymore. What IS working are unconventional ways of reaching people wherever they are...even if they are currently employed elsewhere. Things like social media, digital ads, radio and online recruitment platforms are having success. Some industries are even having success with candidates being able to text in their applications. With every challenge lies an opportunity...and the opportunity with recruitment is to embrace new methods of marketing.  

As the world opens back up, and we return to business, keeping your customer in mind will help you find success moving forward. Building both in-person and online relationships with new and future customers and strengthening your online presence will help you with your post-pandemic comeback.

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