A Christmas Poem: Twas The Night

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‘Twas the week before Christmas

And all through Missouri

Consumers were searching

And beginning to worry.


Where could they find

A gift at this hour?

They hop in their car

And on the radio – Push: “Power.”


Away to the store,

They fly like a flash

Just barely escaping

A near car crash.


When then on the radio

There arose such a clatter

They turn up the volume

To hear all the chatter.


When what to their wondering

Ears should appear:

But the perfect ads

They needed to hear.


It is such a surprise

To hear something so quick,

They knew in a moment,

“This must be the trick!”


More rapid than eagles,

The ads, they came.

Each one with a jingle

That was easy to name.


The gifts that they needed

Just started to be

More and more obvious

For all to see.


The stress started to melt

Like the new-fallen snow,

As the radio showed them

The places to go.


Smart businesses know

That this is the reason

They use radio to market

Their products all season.


The return on investment

Really does prove its worth

When diligent businesses

Choose radio first!


Radio advertising

Just makes things go right!

“Merry Christmas to all,

And to all: A good night!”



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