5 Reasons Switching Radio Stations Might Be a Bad Idea

reasons-switching-radio-stations-is-a-bad-idea.jpgHow long have you been advertising on a particular radio station? Three, four, five years? Perhaps you’re tempted to change things up and try a different station. Maybe you think everyone who listens to that station has already heard your ads or it’s just time to “mix it up” a bit. Before you make a move, consider these five reasons switching radio stations might be a bad idea.

  1. After consistently advertising on a particular station for a few years, your business becomes something of a staple. Listeners come to expect to hear your commercials. When you suddenly stop advertising on that station, people might wonder if you’ve gone out of business or if you can no longer afford to advertise.
  2. Even though you’ve been advertising on the same station for years, you haven’t actually reached everyone. That’s because 20% to 30% of Mid-Missouri is either moving into or out of the area at any given point in time. Your ads are constantly reaching new people as the market evolves and changes over time.
  3. If you and your marketing team feel strongly that you should make a change, consider getting more creative with your commercials instead of switching your ads to another station. Find new ways to connect and grab the listener’s attention with your radio ad creative.
  4. It might seem as if you “own” the market segment for a particular station due to the length of time you’ve been advertising, but consider this: If you pull your ads, your competitor is going to take over that space and own it. There’s a lot of competition for your customer’s attention. Do you ever wonder why large, well-known brands continue to advertise? It’s because they know that to stay relevant, they must stay top of mind with their customers, and that means continuous exposure.
  5. Consider the old adage:  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It may not be a good idea to change something that is working well. Analyze ROI from the past year’s radio ads and review analytics from your ad campaigns. Then set up a meeting with your account manager to discuss ways to change things up and build on your past success.

You already know about the many great reasons to advertise on your local radio station, and it’s human nature to wonder whether the “grass is greener” elsewhere. But when it comes to your radio advertising, carefully consider whether there might be other successful radio advertising opportunities on the station you’re currently with before you switch to another station.


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