Why You Should Keep Your Company’s Facebook Profile Picture Consistent


The center point of any Facebook profile is the profile picture. It is the first thing people see when on your page or simply searching on Facebook. For businesses, it is crucial to maintain a consistent profile picture that matches your logo on your website, on company cars, business cards, and so on.

Now, you may be asking yourself: Why do I need to maintain a consistent profile picture? Well, as aforementioned, it is the center of your Facebook page -  but it also helps with building Brand awareness over time. By only using one certain picture for all of your platforms, social media users will be able to simply look at the picture to the right of a status update and know exactly who is spreading the message they are seeing on their Newsfeed.

While it may alert your followers when you make a profile picture change,  changing your profile picture too often can cause people to forget what your profile looks like because they are not used to seeing the new photo.

Changing Your Cover Photo

With all of that being said, however, there is one aspect you can change on your profile as much as your heart desires: The Cover Photo. This is where you can switch photos as much as you see fit. The Cover photo should be where you are promoting special events your business is putting on, if you have photos of your business, or if you’re a bar/restaurant and want to feature a picture of various menu items.

Your Cover photo is not part of your branding. Every profile should have one in order to make your page look complete/appealing to the eye, but it is an addition to your page and not the center of it.

To increase brand recognition and make your profile noticeable on everyone’s crowded Newsfeed, your profile picture should be your logo. And as a business, your Facebook profile picture should rarely (if-ever) change.

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