What Makes Magazine Different From Newspaper Advertising


When it comes to print advertising, you may think it’s a toss-up between newspapers and magazines. After all, both are static, visual ads, right?

Even though newspapers and magazines are similar options in that they are print executions, they’re actually very different — and it’s important to understand the differences when considering where to put your advertising dollars.

In some ways, newspaper may seem more attractive. There’s typically a much shorter lead time and affordable options for tight budgets. However, we believe magazines have newspapers beat — and your dollars can go much further when invested in publications like Inside Columbia magazines. Here’s why.

4 Reasons Magazines Outshine Newspaper Advertising

1. Magazines Are Thriving.

With the exception of small town newspapers which still capture readership across the country, newspapers are literally a dying breed, particularly in larger markets. Many rely on the digital editions they sell, as print subscriptions wane. By comparison, print magazines are extremely popular today. According to the MPA’s 2016/17 Magazine Media Factbook, the top 25 print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime-time TV programs.

2. Magazines Have More Niche Audiences.

Newspapers often cover broad audiences, which means your advertising dollars might be spent reaching customers you don’t serve. Community newspapers can speak to local audiences, but magazines offer the ability to tap into interests and craft targeted messages that fit with specific topics. And with the right magazine, you have the chance to reach a more targeted audience while maintaining a community feel. Inside Columbia magazines, for example, cater to specific niche markets in and around Columbia.

  • Inside Columbia is filled with useful and entertaining articles that capture “the talk of the town” and appeal to well-educated, socially engaged, physically active, and financially secure readers.
  • PRIME Magazine is a must-read for Columbians in their prime, covering adventure, travel, health and beauty, real estate, recipes, and more.
  • CEO Magazine features the stories of the innovators and businesses that drive our community’s economic engine.

Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all message for newspaper readers, you can tailor your message to fit the magazine. Working with a media partner like Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group and Inside Columbia Magazine, you can focus your advertising to best reach and resonate with your target audience.

3. Magazines Have Longer Shelf-Life.

While newspapers get read and recycled, magazines tend to stick around for weeks, months, or even years after publishing. Think about your own collection on your shelves at home, and the stacks and racks at local doctors’ and dentists’ offices.

What’s better for your budget? Would you prefer a one-time publication, or the opportunity to accumulate readers over a long period of time?

4. Magazines Have Stronger Production Quality.

Unless you purchase a full-page newspaper ad, your message is likely to get lost in a sea of stories and other ads on a large page. Magazines are by nature sleeker and less noisy, which means your brand gets more attention.

Plus, stronger paper means a longer lasting product, and color ink means you don’t have to sacrifice image quality. Compare this to the black and white of most newspaper ads. The small space in monochrome colors won’t put your business in the best light and overall, a magazine will provide a sturdier platform to showcase the creative you invested in.

A Clear Choice

We believe that dollars invested in newspaper are better spent on magazine advertising. Magazines are more popular, more targeted, stick around longer, and simply look better. And with Inside Columbia magazines, you can trust that your business will stand out as a professional brand that’s supportive of the local community. Contact us to learn more about your magazine advertising options.

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