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I love sports. Anyone who knows me understands this. I can personally guarantee that if my family or friends were asked to describe me, they would instantly mention something about this outspoken obsession. Every time.

Because I know the joy that being such a passionate fan can bring, I can’t help but discuss sports with others in hopes that they either feel the same way, or will be persuaded to become an avid fan themselves.

Wouldn’t it be great if your business had a customer base full of such outspoken fans that they couldn’t help but tell others about your products and services?

Outspoken sports fans and proud business supporters behave in similar ways. When people discover something that brings them fulfillment, they can’t help but tell others about it. Why? Because virtually all people have the inherent desire to help others. They feel obligated to guide more people into discovering the joy that a certain product or service has brought to them.

So, how can your company acquire this type of customer base?

Business owners (and employees) must ensure that their customers seamlessly progress from being amateur users of their products and services to active users to avid fans who want to spread the word to others.

Pathway to Fandom:

Amateur   -->   Active User   -->   Avid Fan

1. Amateur

While the word, “amateur,” can sometimes present a negative connotation, in this context, we are simply referring to a prospect, or a new customer, who is in the beginning stages of using your business’ products and/or services.

When I first took an interest in watching sports, I definitely felt like an amateur. I was completely out of touch with what was happening each time I tuned in to a game. Still, I was intrigued by what was happening and I knew that I didn’t want to remain an amateur much longer. Thankfully, my dad and my brother were there to provide me with information and support during these critical developmental stages, which turned me into the fan I am today.

Similarly, every future fan of your business will start out as an amateur. It is your job as a business owner to ensure that every member of your staff provides your customers with ample information and support. Earning your customers’ trust should be a unanimous effort across all departments.  You must determine that excellent customer service is your top priority. This special treatment causes customers to feel like they are in good hands and well on their way to becoming an active user of your products and services.  

2. Active User

After a short amount of time, my interest in sports turned into a full-fledged way of life. I relentlessly tuned in to games and could fully understand what I was seeing. Those who knew me could see that I was, under no circumstance, an amateur any longer. I wholeheartedly enjoyed this new way of life and knew that I could trust it to provide a significant amount of entertainment.

If your customers discover that your products and services can be relied upon to add quality to their lives, they will quickly develop into active users. If your staff is committed to intentionally providing top-notch customer service, then every customer will feel that they are valued. A sense of loyalty to your business will form, and at that point, your customers will start to show signs of avid fandom.

3. Avid Fan

I am officially past the point of no return. I readily rely on sports for entertainment and am fully committed to my favorite teams. As previously stated, everyone who knows me understands that watching sports is a way of life for me. One day, I decided that the joy I experience from being such an avid fan should not stop with me. I became a fierce advocate. I am happy to report that I have successfully convinced several of my friends to give it a try, ultimately ending in an increase of passionate sports fans.

Avid fans are unmistakable. Not only have they committed to a certain way of life, but they are outspoken about it as well. The difference between being an active user and an avid fan happens when a loyal customer decides that the joy they feel should not stop with them. These customers are so passionate about a business’ products and services that they cannot help but try to convince others that they have found something that will add value to all of their lives.


Avid fans are at the heartbeat of successful businesses across the globe. Businesses should make it a top priority to educate and support each person in their beginning stages of being a customer. When business owners become paranoid about providing high quality customer service, they end up with passionate fans who will help market alongside them. Set the bar high, because why not? Commit to turning your current “amateur” prospects and new customers into avid fans today!marketing-strategy-zimmer-radio

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