Social Influencer Spotlight: Clear99

Social influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods of recent years, and it isn't going away! Many people have a specific idea of what social influencer marketing is, which oftentimes is the social media influencer or blogger. But the truth is, the title of social influencer can take on many different forms! And one of the best ways to harness the power and impact of local social influencers in marketing your business is by partnering with your local radio station on-air talent.

A local radio station DJ has the power to gain an extremely loyal audience of listeners to their show, as well as followers on the station's social media channels. Partnering with a radio station social influencer will elevate your advertising and amp up your brand’s marketing thanks to the trust that they’ve built with their loyal fans.


Put simply, listeners form a bond with their favorite radio personalities. In a world where social media relationships are just as important if not more so than physical friendships, DJs become friends and trusted advisors. At mid-Missouri's most popular country music station, Clear99, we have a talented and unique team of personalities that have had proven success in helping businesses grow through their local influence with their radio show's listeners, social media followers, and newsletter recipients. 

Get to know each of the dynamic Clear99 DJs and learn more about what a social influencer partnership could look like by visiting the Clear99 social influencer main page. Here you will find more information on how you can partner with these personalities, meet each of them, and hear some samples of their work!

Social Influencers on Clear99 include:

  • Scotty
  • Liz
  • Todd Allen
  • Aric Bremer

Interested in learning more about how these influencers (and more!) can help your business grow? Check out the link below to visit our Clear99 social influencers pain page.

Learn more about the Clear99 social influencers here! 

If you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of how exactly local social influencers can help grow your business for the better, look no further! We developed a comprehensive guide on the many benefits of tapping into social influencers. Download our FREE ebook below!

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