INFOGRAPHIC: Does Your Goldfish Speech Effectively Tell People Why You're Valuable?


Did you know that first impressions are typically formed in as little as 7 seconds? 

This means that the pressure is on when it comes to business interactions. How do you answer a potential customer when asked, "Who are you and why should I do business with you?" 

If the answer didn't just come to you without hesitation, then it's time to develop (or perfect) your goldfish speech (also known as an elevator pitch). 

Adequately prepare yourself by following the tips and tricks in the infograph below: 


Do you feel better prepared to deliver a compelling goldfish speech? Are you confident that your pitch will make it easy for customers to say "Yes!" to doing business with you? 

If you need a second opinion, or would like a little extra help to ensure that this crucial conversation is as powerful as possible, then contact Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group. We are dedicated to helping our clients get all of the pieces in place so that they can experience prolonged marketing success! 


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