How to Perfect Your Recruitment Ads Through Better Messaging

How Perfect Your Recruitment Ads Through Better MessagingRegardless of the medium used for your job candidate recruitment efforts, you need to find a way to help your company stand out. Because if your ads look and sound like those of other competitors, what reason would a potential job recruit have to choose your company over another? Perhaps the best way to help your recruitment ads stand out and catch applicants is by fine-tuning their messaging.

But what does that necessarily entail? We've provided some ways you can perfect your recruitment ads and job postings by focusing on messaging:

Make Your Job Offer Seem Like a Solution

Instead of jumping in right away with a long list of employment requirements, start with a pitch that helps job candidates understand why taking the position would provide long-term benefits. Show why it’s imperative that they take a chance on your employment opportunity versus others.

Focus on One Job at a Time Recruitment-advertising-resource-guide

Avoid taking a scattershot approach where you cram information about multiple job openings into one ad. While it might be cheaper, a potential recruit might only read the first opening or two and move on if they don’t see a position of interest. Instead, create a personal ad for each job opening at your organization.

Keep Messaging Consistent

If you use a specific company logo and color scheme on your corporate website, use that same imagery in your digital and social media advertising.

Create Ads That Appeal to a Specific Audience

Take the time to understand what job recruits are searching for in an organization. Your recruitment advertisement on radio, digital, and social media should provide insights into your company culture and how you believe that potential recruits could be key to taking your business to new heights. The appeal of your company’s work environment can rank ahead of even the best pay rate for job recruits.

Tell Your Company Story

Your content should give potential recruits a sense of who your company is and provide a sense of how your culture operates. Establish a consistent tone that showcases your organization’s personality across all advertising channels.

If you have been putting out the same type of recruitment ads and job listings, and are not seeing the results you would like, it might be time for a change. Taking time to tailor your message by following the tips listed above when promoting your company's job openings could make a huge difference in attracting qualified candidates.

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