How to Make Your New Website Announcement


Email all of your clients and customers

Hopefully you already have a list of your current customers and potential customers in your email database. If not, you should definitely start acquiring the email addresses of your customers to notify them about your business and build your customer following. Keeping an email database is one of the best ways to stay in front of your customers .

Once your new website is built, you should send a customized email announcing your new website to your customers, inviting them to visit. Make an announcement about your new website, telling people why it’s now better and easier to use than before. Don’t get too “pitchy” in your email though. Keep it concise and use it as a way to build trust among your customers and drive traffic to your site.

Email is still one channel of communication that users can control. When someone is on your email list, they’re actively choosing to hear from you. So keep the channel of communication open and let your customers know when you have a new product, service – and definitely a new website.

Submit your sitemap to search engines

After your website is launched, it’s important that you submit your website to google and other search engines. Your website will only start to rank in search engine results pages if your website can be found by search engines. When you submit your website to a search engines, each page of your website gets indexed, or put on file. Then when people search on Google, Bing, or any other search engine, the pages that are indexed will have a chance to show up on the search results pages (page 1,2,3 of Google).

The likelihood that your website shows up on the first page of Google is determined by a number of factors, but submitting your sitemap to search engines is the first step you should take after launching your website and announcing it to the world. Submitting your sitemap as early as possible will help you start looking at your page analytics sooner, so you can start making decisions on your website and gain insight on how to rank even higher.

Here’s how to submit your sitemap to Google.

Here’s how to submit your sitemap to Bing.

Announce your new website on social media

One of the easiest and most effective ways to announce your new website to the world is through social media. Use your company’s Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In pages to link to your new website and let people know why you’re excited about it. Keep your announcement short but exciting and you should be able to drive some traffic to your website.

Want to announce your website to even more people?

Set up a Facebook ad or Twitter Ad to reach people in your area or industry, and help drive new traffic to your website. It’s easy to set up ads on social media, and they’re a great way to get your new website in front of more eyeballs and build some buzz about your company.

Think about your own social media feed and all of the “announcements” that get engagement, from new jobs to marriage proposals, to a new product from Nike or Amazon. Sharing exciting news is what social media is for, so be sure to post your new website link to your social media pages and get some easy traffic to your site.

Write and submit a press release

Announce your new website in a press release to drive even more traffic about your website. Find a strong writer who has experience writing press releases or other marketing materials, and create a news article about your new website. A publishing service like PRNewswire allows you to get your press release out to people in your industry and key decision makers. You can also send your release to contacts that cover your industry. Websites take a lot of planning and strategizing, and launching is something your company should be proud of.

Submitting a press release for your new website has several benefits:

  • People in your industry can read about your new website and learn about any new features.
  • Your website will earn back-links from trusted websites
  • You can share your press release on social media to create even more buzz and send traffic to your site. 

In order for any website to be successful, you’re going to need to be proactive in driving traffic. Think of your website like any other product launch and try to create as much exposure as possible.  



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