First Time Radio Advertisers: 11 Tips That Will Save You Money and Time

first-time-radio-advertisers.jpgThe first radio advertisement hit the airwaves in 1922, and since that time, businesses and organizations of all types have recognized the value of radio advertising. These 11 radio advertising tips will help save you time and money if your company is considering placing ads on the radio for the first time.

  1. Plan in advance. Developing a strategy in advance can save you money and help ensure that your company runs effective radio ads.
  2. Utilize the radio station’s creative team. Save time by letting the creative team do their thing.
  3. Capitalize on current campaigns you are running on other channels. Your radio ads should complement what you’re doing on the internet and any other media.
  4. Know your audience. Work with the station to target your ads and minimize the chances of losing money on your ad spend as a result of reaching people who are unlikely to respond to your ads.
  5. Know your budget. You can save time in the planning process if you determine your radio advertising budget in advance.
  6. Take advantage of on-air endorsement opportunities. People get to know and trust the people they hear on the radio every day, so on-air endorsements can be an effective way to increase ROI.
  7. Be consistent. To the extent possible, within the limits of your budget, be consistent with  your timing.
  8. Be entertaining. The creative should tell a story that grabs the listener’s attention and is memorable. An entertaining ad can help deliver greater ROI.
  9. Know what you’re buying. Do your research and ask questions to ensure that your advertising strategy is aligned with your marketing goals.
  10. Trust the professionals. The station’s marketing team has years of experience. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, let the staff plan and execute your advertising strategy. You’ll save time and get better results.
  11. Look at your strategy through your customer’s eyes — or to put it another way, listen through your customer’s ears. To avoid wasting time and money, ensure that your ads focus on what your customer needs and wants.

Since the early days when radio advertising meant sponsoring a show — such as General Mills’ sponsorship of The Lone Ranger — radio spots have come a long way. With the proper research and planning, you can make sure that your first radio advertising campaign is a success.


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