7 Top Tips from Established Mid-Missouri Businesses

marketing tips for mid-Missouri businessesThe best business advice invariably comes from business owners who have navigated the path from uncertainty to success. At Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group, we're connected with all sorts of mid-Missouri businesses at different stages of growth and success. That's why we're going to share advice from our more established clients as marketing tips for mid-Missouri businesses.

ServiceMaster of Columbia


Be consistent in your marketing, in every aspect, so you don't confuse your customer.

- Adam Kinser, Owner

Tiger Express Wash


Be consistent in your advertising. Find something that works and stick to it for a long period of time. Advertising the same time on the same day, or being in a print issue each month. By doing so you capture the same customers and get the message across, even though it may take awhile. Customers will expect to see you in print or expect to hear you on the radio or TV. Eventually the message will stick with the customer.

- Emeri Bartels, Administration Director

Epoch Health


Get to know your community and how it works. Immerse yourself completely and get to understand and know how people interact with each other, with other businesses and the everyday life. Actions speak louder than words. We can say we want our business to be a part of a community but by doing so we gain the trust of our community and, in the end, become a true addition to our surroundings which shows a true partnership.

- Jentry Mills, Marketing and Business Development

House of Brokers Realty, Inc.


I have two [tips]. Track your ROI and ask for a review. Always know how and why your customers are coming to you.

- Dawn Daly, Director of Operations

The Blue Note


Branding is everything. Spend money to develop a great logo, slick brand, and impressive website. It's the face of your business.

- Matt Gerding, Owner

TrueSon Exteriors


Choose the advertising direction you want to go with, invest meaningful money into it and most importantly, give it time to work. I have seen a lot of business owners start, give it three months and quit because they don't see "results." Good advertising takes time to develop.

-Barry Roewe, Owner

Tami R Benus CPA


One tip - Know who your market is so you are not wasting your resources.

- Tami R Benus, Owner

With these marketing tips for mid-Missouri businesses from our established clients, it's time to take a quick look at how you're running your mid-Missouri businesses. Are you taking advantage of their good business practices? If you're interested in finding some of the same success they have, contact Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group to find out what we can offer you today. action and awareness campaigns

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