4 Sayings You Should NEVER Add To Your Ads


In a world where the human brain is bombarded by hundreds of ads per day, how is it that you can separate and stand out from your competition? First, you should have a solid marketing plan in place, and you should know exactly how you’re going to measure your return on investment. Once you have that strategy nailed down, then you can begin crafting your marketing campaign. 

The following list contains four of the major clichés that we recommend never adding to your business' advertisements. 

1. "Mention this ad and get 20% off!"

This is a common mistake many clients make. Sure, it’s fantastic that you’re wanting to give your customers a deal, but why make them work for it? Either help them save money or don’t. A major misconception is that using “mention this ad” allows you to truly measure the effectiveness of your marketing. The problem here is that people are bombarded with hundreds of messages each day. This makes it difficult for someone to remember your ad two weeks later when they eventually need your product or service.

A better way to track results would be to use your overall sales numbers. If you’re seeing an increase during the time of the offer, you know you’re on the right path. It also helps to make sure your staff knows what your current ad campaign is telling your customers. You’ll have to excuse us if we don’t mention “mentioning this ad” ever again. 

2. "...For all your _____needs." 

“For all your _______ needs” is very vague. You’re not giving the customer a real reason to use your product or service. Most business owners have a limited marketing budget, so use your words wisely and don’t waste time saying things like, “For all your automotive needs”. You need to stand out in a crowded marketing world, so if anyone can say what you’re saying in your ads, you shouldn’t be saying it at all.

3. Using Yes/No Questions.

Do you suffer from headaches while sitting on bean bag chairs? Do you experience nausea while watching Netflix? Are you part giraffe, part hyena? We’ll take a guess here and say no. That’s the problem with asking yes or no questions at the beginning of your ads. The second someone answers “no," they’ve tuned you out. In your marketing, it’s better to use descriptions, tell stories, and make assertions, rather than ask a question which your audience may answer negatively. Also, if you’re reading this as a giraffe/hyena hybrid, bravo!

4. "We have a friendly staff." 

Telling your potential customers that you have a friendly staff is sort of like telling them you have a front door. They’re already assuming it. As we discussed earlier in the “For all your ______ needs” section, you probably have a limited amount of money and marketing materials. Don’t waste time telling people something that 99 people out of 100 are already aware of.  Think about the little things that your staff does to make customers smile and tell everyone about them! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results, just like your customers will be!

It is much more effective to surprise the eyes and ears of your customers through creative storytelling, rather than put them to sleep with something they’ve heard 1,000 times before. So, step away from the clichés and get creative with your creative! You’ll be glad you did!

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