Why More is Better in Life & in Magazine Advertising .


There are lots of aspects of life where more is better, more vacation days, more money, more time to spend with loved ones, more hours in the day (now wouldn’t that be nice?), more ice cream to eat, more, more, MORE!!! And speaking of more, have you considered that more ads in a magazine, beyond just the preconceived or industry-standard one ad per issue template, is more advantageous to your business. In fact, we believe that having more than one ad in a magazine is not only a great idea, but it’s an ideal way to stand out among your competitors.

advertising-in-uncertain-timesThe Competition for Mind-Share in Print is Fierce

Instead of opting for more ads per issue, most advertisers attempt to get their ads noticed by standing out among their competitors within the ads themselves, utilizing elements like color, compelling headlines, central images, premium placement (like inside the front or back cover or near editorial items like the Table of Contents), right-hand-read and other strategies. Of course, all advertisers compete for this placement, paying a premium for them in many cases. What if there were another way to stand out, aside from using these tried-and-true strategies? Well, there is, and it’s so simple—you might just miss it if you aren’t careful. That’s right—multiple ads! 

Get Over It

It’s high time to get over the unspoken rule that you can only place one ad in a magazine issue. Who even came up with this rule? Do you know? Because we sure don’t, and if no one even knows why this is a rule, why are we all following it? Anyway, here are some reasons to “get over” this unwritten rule and do your own thing with multiple ads per magazine:

Multiple ads throughout the same magazine capture readers attention, and then reminds them again, which reinforces your brand above other ads that are only appearing once, even if they are in a premium spot. When you think about this from a psychological perspective—it makes sense: 

  • Advertising, good advertising is about frequency, frequency, frequency. The power of repetition. In learning, teachers know the value of repetition. This is because by repeating something, it goes from the conscious to the subconscious. In the same way, ads work through repetition to help readers recall details about your ads. 
  • Advertising is about primary recency. This is another learning strategy and is based on the mind’s ability to recall information that is either the first or last thing you read. If you have multiple ads, you can increase your chances of your ad being remembered based on this learning theory.  

Be Different

Another benefit of opting for multiple ads over traditional strategies when advertising in magazines is daring to be different. In today’s society, being different is applauded. So, stand out of the crowd and be bold. After all, being “Bla-se’ and beige” is not going to get you noticed in a crowded marketplace. The trick is getting noticed. Remember what Mae West once said, “I’d rather be looked over than overlooked!” Nowhere else is this statement more true than in advertising! 

It Isn’t That Expensive

Wait a minute you might be saying, aren’t you telling me to put in multiple ads as in more than one in a magazine? Doesn’t that mean it will cost you double? Says who? Let’s look at it closely to discover the truth: 

Cheaper isn’t Always Better

Yes it will cost you a bit more than one ad. That stands to reason. However, some things are worth the cost. Obviously, you can go cheap, or you can go big. Often in life, you get what you pay for, so remember this when you opt for “saving money” on your advertising. Perhaps now’s the time for you to quit pinching pennies and commit to real results! 


One way you can cut down on the cost of your ads without cutting down the amount is to tweak the sizes. For example, why not run two half pages instead of one, full-page ad? In addition, some magazines will offer incentives if you place multiple ads, so you might find yourself even saving some money should you go with multiple ads. You'll never know if you don’t ask. Be creative! Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  

Bottom Line: Be Brave and Creative

Now’s your time to profit off more, more, more! More ads for your dollar equals more influence over readers, netting you more customers (ideally)! Contact us to learn more about placing multiple ads. Be creative and bold! Now’s the time to stand out! 


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