Success in Marketing Requires the Right Tools…and Our Toolkit Keeps Growing.

Success in Marketing Requires the Right Tools…and Our Toolkit Keeps Growing.

When I was a kid, my dad was somewhat of a carpenter/handyman. It was my job to assist, and that typically meant being at the ready to hand him whatever tool he needed to get the job done correctly. As an adult, I’ve learned that our clients’ expectations of their marketing partner are similar. They expect us – Zimmer Communications - to be at the ready with the right tools to accomplish campaign success. We’ve taken that expectation seriously.

What Most People Don’t Realize

When in strategy discussions and branding workshops with clients, it’s not uncommon for them to say that they had no idea the extent of the tools and resources we offer. Just like you wouldn’t build a house with Scotch tape and a glue stick, you shouldn’t build your business’ marketing plan with anything less than the best tools. Your business is, after all, your baby. You’ve put hours of blood, sweat, and tears into building it, not to mention countless dollars invested and untold hours of lost sleep. You’ve dreamed, visioned, worried and prayed. It deserves the best you have to offer, and we understand that. True to Mr. Zimmer’s vision, we’re a family-owned business that has worked extremely hard the last 65 years to only bring the most reliable and proven resources to the table for the clients we serve.

Radio Gets Results

Most people understand us to be a radio group. And that makes sense! Zimmer Communications was founded in 1956 with one small-town radio station. Since that time, we’ve grown and expanded into a network of 13 Missouri radio stations in Columbia, Jefferson City, Fulton, Lake Ozark and Springfield. Our roots are in radio, and our commitment is to build an elite group of radio stations that our employees, advertisers and communities can be proud of.

But that’s not all we do. Our clients have demanded more from us over the years, and we’ve responded…

An Unrivaled Marketing Toolkit

What most people don’t realize is that Zimmer Communications is actually made up of a comprehensive team of some of the most talented award-winning marketers in the country. Our people are top guns in the marketing industry…and are just as passionate about reaching your business growth goals as you are!

For that reason, our team is made up of:

  • website developers
  • graphic designers
  • creative writers
  • voice talent
  • project managers
  • digital marketing experts
  • inbound marketing masters
  • social media specialists
  • photographers
  • videographers
  • publishers...and more!

Together, our team creates all-inclusive marketing campaigns that rival the big guys in major markets. We know how to build brand loyalty, drive revenue and radically revolutionize your business. We understand how to track results and we hold ourselves accountable to doing so. We’ve built systems and processes that, when followed, make our clients some of the most successful in their marketplace. And we’ve got the success stories to prove it.  

The Name “Zimmer” Means Business

Our passion statement is this: We’re In Business to Help Your Business Grow. And we don’t just say it…we live it. Bottom line, when you see that big red “Z” – you can trust that your marketing team is relentlessly dedicated to assisting our clients with an unrivaled quality of work and to getting the results you are looking for.






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