Simple & Effective Videos to Legitimize Your Brand

Video No Brainers What Your Business Should Already HaveVideo is the biggest web traffic driver out there. It’s estimated that video will make up over 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. So, if it is video content that is attractive to the bulk of your audience, would it make sense to give it a little extra attention?

Zimmer's Director of Sales, Carrie Berkbuegler, sat down in the video below to go into detail on different types of online videos that could boost your business's brand and customer experience:

Yes, the idea of producing video for your business may be a little intimidating, but creating engaging video content doesn't have to be complicated, and it can, in fact, be cost-effective as well. So, if you’re going to stand out among your competitors, your company should have the following simple and effective video content incorporated into your marketing strategy: 

About Us Videos

Use these videos as a vehicle for telling your company story and emphasizing your brand. Try to keep them short and engaging to capture the viewer’s attention without overwhelming them with too much information. About Us videos are great to be featured on your website, as well as on your Facebook and LinkedIn business pages. 

Remember, you want your audience to get a sense of the humans running your business. They should come away wanting to know more and either become a customer or a partner capable of providing you with an additional boost in business. 

FAQ Videos

Sometimes visitors just want to get specific answers to questions about your company. FAQ videos are a great alternative to having them read through large blocks of text. In addition, they’re a great way to establish brand authority for future clients and encourage them to visit your business site.

Use FAQ videos to showcase your expertise in specific subjects and separate yourself from the competition. Another benefit of FAQ videos is that they show visitors that you’re tapped into your customers' concerns and are willing to address their issues. Other benefits include:

  • Giving customers an organized way to find answers
  • Establishes trust between you and visitors
  • Provides visitors with a better understanding of your brand

How-To Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the largest search engine behind Google? Nowadays, when something stops working, people immediately take to the internet to find a solution. Having how-to videos ready to go for your customers allows them to get answers directly from the source instead of turning to your competitors. Most people prefer having videos to guide them through fixes as they’re working through problems. That way, they can pause, rewind, or manipulate the video however they need until they address their issue.

Instructional Videos

When you purchase a new phone or buy a new washing machine, you want to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the bells and whistles. Instructional videos help guide customers through situations like setting up phone software or changing the water temperature and water levels on the washer.

In addition, instructional videos promote engagement between yourself and customers. They’re a versatile teaching tool for those who prefer to learn visually or auditorily. Other benefits of instructional videos include:

  • They’re easily shareable via social media platforms
  • Your audience can access them as needed
  • You can reuse them, which saves you money
  • They can boost your brand popularity

Recruitment Videos

If you’re looking to attract top talent to your business, then recruitment videos are a must-have. Adding videos to your job postings can increase views and boost your application rate. In addition, it’s a lot easier to convey your company culture with moving images.

You can showcase your current workforce and have them provide glimpses of a regular workday in the position you’re looking to fill. There’s no limit to the kind of creativity you can apply, from adding humor to letting applicants get a first-hand view of what truly matters to your company.

Our team put together the recruitment video below for our own careers page to help applicants feel more connected with our company vision and culture, all before they research available positions.


Improve Your Video Strategy

There is no running away from the fact that online and digital video is hot, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Video is something that current and potential customers are expecting from your brand experience. So, why not give the people what they want? Create the kind of visual content that catches people’s attention, and gains customers' trust, not to mention their business. Our team of marketing professionals would love to help your business establish a solid video strategy. Reach out below to set up a free consultation today!


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