How Your Home Improvement Company Can Tap Into Spring Cleaning

iStock_000085660311_Small-663643-edited.jpgThere’s something cathartic about spring cleaning. Just to know that you’re finally getting rid of unnecessary clutter and giving yourself a fresh start.

Your home improvement company would be wise to capitalize on spring cleaning season but you’ll need to understand the mindset people are in and what’s motivating them. People behave differently at different times of the year, and spring is no different. They start to think about how they’re going to use their house differently for things like hosting outdoor family events, group cookouts, or anything else to do with the changing season and warmer weather. It can also be a time of anxiety, as 68% of people say they dread spring cleaning.

Here are a few spring cleaning marketing ideas that you can use to give your business a boost during this season.

Create Relevant Promotions

During spring, you can highlight products or services that would be considered relevant for this season. Think about creating promotions or sales on patio furniture, grills, or even gardening supplies for this time of year. More specifically, you could also promote organizational supplies like bins and shelving to help people with their spring cleaning.

Tell a Descriptive Story

The transition from winter to spring is an exciting and dramatic time of year, and you want your marketing to reflect that story. Tell customers about what it would be like to come home to a new pool, remodeled kitchen, or outdoor grilling area. Make them envision what it will feel and look like, as well as how much they’d love it. Radio can be an especially effective medium for this “theater of the mind” because it can tell a story and tap in the emotions and motivations of the listener.

Create Content

Think about what spring feels like, and what “spring cleaning” means to your customers. They’ll often have common questions about certain spring cleaning topics, so create content for them that will help them make better buying decisions. Good examples would be topical videos, eBooks, brochures, and white papers. Some spring cleaning content ideas might be tips to cleaning your garage, information about gardening, or patio & outdoor furniture. The more you can help educate them, the more trust you’ll earn.

Get Social

Don’t forget to use any available social media outlets during this time of year to reach your audience and showcase your content. This includes sharing photos, blog content, and creating social contests to get people engaged with your business.

And here’s one final tip: Don’t forget to plan ahead! Start now with your spring (and even summer) marketing planning. The weather has already begun to shift, and you want to be ahead of the curve by having your marketing plans in place.

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