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5 Fundamental Sales Skills That Work All The Time, Every Time [VIDEO]

Posted by Christine Lepp on March 18, 2020 at 10:54 AM


Ask any salesperson why they didn’t make a sale and you’ll hear some common responses: 1) they said the price was too high, 2) they told me they were interested and now won’t return my calls, or 3) they went with a competitor. In other words, they blame it on the prospect. And while that may at times be true, a comprehensive debrief of the sales call frequently reveals that the REAL reason for lost sales may actually be…the salesperson. While training on advanced sales techniques is always beneficial, there are a few basic and foundational selling skills that cannot be overlooked or ignored. These fundamentals are tried and true sales strategies – simple ones - that are proven to work…every time…all the time.

Here’s Director of Sales, Carrie Berkbuegler, to share five proven strategies for keeping your salespeople at their best:

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