10 More Radio Endorsement Do's and Don'ts

radio-endorsement.jpgAs we noted in our first list of do’s and don’ts for radio endorsements, a recommendation by a radio personality is one of the best ways to leverage word-of-mouth advertising and boost sales. Because radio personalities maintain a level of trust with their listeners, their endorsement is akin to a recommendation by a trusted friend and is a great way for brands to harness the power of influencer marketing.

Why is influencer marketing important? Because word-of-mouth advertising is a highly effective form of marketing. Millennials and Baby Boomers alike say that word-of-mouth is the number one influencer for certain purchases, such as big-ticket items and financial products.  92% of people trust recommendations from individuals, even if they don’t personally know them. 81% of marketers say that influencer engagement has been effective for them. A survey conducted by Tomoson, a promotion management software company, showed that businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

So, we’ve put together a list of 10 more endorsement do’s and don’ts you should consider when selecting radio advertising for your influencer strategy.

1. DO: Use a personality who believes in your product or service

For influencer marketing to be effective, it must be believable. Many radio personalities will not endorse a product unless they sincerely like the product and use it on a regular basis. So, you need to do more than just provide talking points. Get the personality involved with your brand. Invite them to visit your premises to meet the employees and learn about the company culture. By providing them with a more personal and in-depth understanding of your company, their endorsement will be more believable.

A study by Jacobs TechSurvey showed that 55% of respondents will turn on the radio to hear their favorite on-air personalities or radio shows. Given that level of loyalty, your marketing message will be even more effective if a consumer’s favorite personality believes in the product

2. DO: Integrate with a social media strategy

Ensure that you are leveraging the power of social media in conjunction with your radio marketing strategy. Keep in mind, it is not just Millennials using social media and it’s not just older consumers listening to radio. Radio continues to have massive reach with consumers of all types, meaning an endorsement by a trusted local radio personality can be an important part of your social media strategy. DJs know how to engage listeners, and radio stations were early adopters of social media as a way to stay connected. By helping on-air personalities understand your brand and your products, you can integrate the time-tested medium of radio with the relatively new world of social media.

3. DON’T: Confuse the listener — have a clear call to action

After hearing a great endorsement for your product or service by a radio personality, don’t leave listeners hanging. Part of the DJ’s message should include a clear call to action such as visiting your website, stopping by your store, or calling for more information. When appropriate, use limited-time offers or special promotions to encourage consumers to act. Ensure that listeners aren’t left confused about what the influencer is urging them to do. 

4. DO: Make it easy to get more information on the product or service being endorsed

Use a short, catchy, and memorable way for the listener to get more information. Include an easy-to-remember phone number or a short URL, or encourage visitors to find you on social media. 

5. DON’T: Be stingy.

Provide the radio personality with additional products and services that complement the product or service they are endorsing. This will enable them to experience all the advantages the product has to offer.

6. DO:  Utilize additional marketing opportunities with the personality’s radio station

Consider additional advertising on the station’s website or email. Station events and appearances by personalities can be good opportunities for reaching consumers with giveaways of promotional items and advertising information.

7. DON’T: Recreate the wheel

There’s no need to develop something completely new for your influencer marketing campaign. Take a look at campaigns that have been effective in the past and either duplicate them or make a few tweaks and use them again.

8. DO: Switch it up

Get creative and switch up the copy of your message. Grab the attention of customers by creating slightly different ads, while remaining focused on your advertising goal.

9. DO: Consider timing

Take a look at whether there is a specific time that relates best to your product or service and can strengthen the influencer’s message. For example, a grill company might use a radio on-air personality during football season in an area with a demographic that tends to follow football closely. The DJ can promote the product by talking about their experience with it at a tailgate or other football-related event. For a football fan, the sport is front of mind for a few months out of the year, and by working it into the messaging, the brand could make a connection with a potential customer. Such seasonal endorsements need to be planned carefully and well in advance, however, since personalities are usually locked in on a 12-month schedule for any particular category of product.

10. DON’T: Lose track

As with all marketing campaigns, ensure that your strategy includes metrics that allow for tracking ROI.

Leveraging word-of-mouth marketing with an influencer radio endorsement campaign can increase brand recognition, boost sales, and build trust. Radio listeners often feel as if they know their favorite on-air personality, so a recommendation from a DJ or host can be as effective as a recommendation from a trusted friend.


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