8 Reasons Your Business Belongs At The 2019 Best of Columbia Party


You’ve noticed the stickers proudly displayed on business doors. You’ve heard the community chatter regarding who made the sacred list of finalists. You’ve seen the framed certificates displayed on the walls of those voted into local fame. If you live in Mid-Missouri, you know just how coveted the Best of Columbia Awards are.

Each year, Inside Columbia magazine seeks to crown winners across a variety of categories as the best Columbia, Missouri has to offer. Whether it’s best pizza, best tattoo artist, or best place to get married, these awards are extremely desirable, setting apart a unique group of businesses who have made their mark on Columbia’s consumers. Finalists must receive ample nominations. Nominees must receive sufficient votes. Finally, those who rise to the top achieve local stardom.

What Is The Best of Columbia Party?

It’s easy to see how the Best of Columbia Awards bring the whole population of Columbia together. They make consumers thankful for the businesses that this community has been graced with and they make businesses thankful for the consumers who have taken notice and voted them among the best of the best. It’s out of this state of gratitude that the idea of The Best of Columbia Party was born.

Inside Columbia magazine, along with us at Zimmer Radio & Marketing Group, feel that the Best of Columbia Awards are something to be celebrated by Columbia as a whole, not solely by the winning businesses. The Best of Columbia Party accomplishes that by bringing both businesses and consumers face-to-face in order to celebrate our town’s finest.

This year’s Best of Columbia Party will take place on Thursday, May 9, 2019 from 5:30 to 8 PM at the Parkade Plaza in Columbia. As the hosts, we go all out in making sure that this event showcases the businesses in attendance and entertains the consumers who come to join the fun. Food, drinks, prizes, and live music define the night that’s simply one big party dedicated to celebrating the best that Columbia has to offer!

Why Sponsor The Best of Columbia Party

With The Best of Columbia Awards being such a well-renowned staple of Columbia’s culture, it’s no surprise that being a part of The Best of Columbia Party is a highly attractive opportunity for businesses. Winners, nominees, and even businesses that are still working their way to the top are all invited to be a part of this celebration where benefits abound! Read on to discover the top eight reasons why your business belongs at the 2019 Best of Columbia Party.

1. Be a part of the Best of Columbia brand. 

We stated above just how much The Best of Columbia Awards mean to the local community. It’s safe to say that these awards are a brand all of their own. Seeing the well-known Best of Columbia logos displayed on storefronts and hearing the public pointing out, “Oh! They won Best of Columbia,” proves just how powerful these awards are. The Best of Columbia brand has a solid status in the minds of local consumers. Being a part of the Best of Columbia Party allows businesses the chance to tap into all of that positive branding and reap viable benefits for themselves.

2. Publicly celebrate your achievement.

Being a Best of Columbia nominee or winner is a major feat that shouldn’t simply fly under the radar. Consumers understand the credibility of these awards, taking them into serious consideration when making purchase decisions. That’s why it’s important for nominees and winners alike to promote their achievements in a public forum, further broadcasting the fact that their products and services are proven to stand out and leave consumers highly satisfied.

If your business made the list (or better yet, won in your category), then it’s a no-brainer that being a part of this year’s Best of Columbia Party is where you belong. Celebrate your achievement with hundreds of people who believe in you!

3. Associate with the best of the best. 

As we briefly mentioned above, we welcome all businesses to be a part of The Best of Columbia Party. That’s not at all to discredit the businesses who earned their place in these awards; we simply believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and will eagerly jump at the opportunity to offer rising stars a platform to showcase why they deserve to be voted one of Columbia’s best in the future. So, your business didn’t make the cut this year? So, what? Become a Best of Columbia Party sponsor and associate with the best of best, proving to consumers that you belong among this elite group.

4. Interact with hundreds of local consumers. 

The Best of Columbia Party has been a well-known, local event for years and as such, has a history of high attendance. This means that businesses who sponsor this event will have the chance to interact with hundreds of consumers who are actively looking for local, trustworthy companies to do business with. Sponsoring this event ensures that your business is represented when consumers are seeking out products and services within your industry.

5. Sample, sample, sample! 

Ever just wish that you could let people experience your products or services by sampling them first-hand? Problem solved: The Best of Columbia Party provides businesses the chance to allow consumers to test and try things out. This type of hands-on publicity can only be accomplished at in-person events like the Best of Columbia Party. Educate consumers in a fun setting and create goodwill (and future customers!) by letting attendees sample what your business has to offer.

6. Network with other Best of Columbia businesses. 

Not only do events like The Best of Columbia Party offer businesses the chance to get to know consumers, but they are also great for business-to-business contact. Get to know some of the other beloved businesses in Columbia by creating relationships and possibly even identifying potential partnership opportunities for the future.

7. Get results. 

Obviously, the benefits above are appealing to all types of businesses, but we get it: You want to know if being a sponsor of the 2019 Best of Columbia Party is actually going to get your business any kind of hard-and-fast results. After years of hosting this event, we can honestly report that our sponsors walk away exceedingly happy, stating that they immediately saw results on their bottom line. That’s due to the fact that this event offers the opportunity of converting attendees into future customers. Businesses always come away from The Best of Columbia Party with new relationships and a newfound sense of their positive perception in the community. Apart from the branding and the goodwill associated with the event, these steady results consistently prove this sponsorship opportunity’s worth.

8. Have fun! 

Plain and simple: The Best of Columbia Party is just a whole lot of fun. Every single year. We have incredible food samples from Columbia’s best restaurants, all types of beverages from beer to cocktails, live music sounding throughout, and even prize opportunities for attendees. We do our part in promoting this fun-filled atmosphere to the masses, utilizing radio and magazine advertisements, as well as social media and email marketing. This consistently attracts a number of local consumers looking for a good time out with family and friends. What business wouldn’t want to get in on that?

The 2019 Best of Columbia Party is coming up fast, so don’t delay and potentially miss out on this once-a-year sponsorship opportunity. Come be a part of one of our town’s most well-known and cherished events and prove your business’ status as one of the Best of Columbia!


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