5 Easy Ways to Manage Your Email Database

how to easily manage your email databaseManaging your email database can seem like a tough task, even when it may seem like you have it under control. That’s why we’re giving you and other small business owners a helping hand with some tips and tricks for both growing, and maintaining, your email database. By learning how to easily manage your email database and using some simple email marketing best practices, you’ll be able to take your database marketing to the next level.

Let’s get started!

1. Incentivize Your Audience

Offering a prize or promotion is one of the best things you can do to grow your database. Let them enter to join some kind of contest by providing their email address so that you can then use it to remarket to them. You can even try to implement “viral competitions” in which people can earn extra entries for themselves by referring additional people to join the contest.

2. Use Social Media

Make sure to leverage all your social media channels to promote sign ups to your newsletter to your fans and followers. Contesting can also be used on social media, and it’s a great way for people to share the contest with their friends. Make sure your content or contests on social media have share buttons so fans can spread the news amongst their network.

3. Use Apps That Prompt Sign Ups

There are a variety of tools out there, pop up applications, that can be triggered by a certain action on your website. For example, if someone is about to leave your website, the pop up app will then prompt them to sign up for a newsletter, mailing list or contest. Apps like SumoMe and ListBuilder are easy to install and will help grow your database in a targeted way depending on digital body language.

4. A/B Test Elements of Content

In A/B testing, you send two variations of content to different groups in order to see which version is more engaging. Then you can decide on which one to go with in the future and test it again against other variations. A/B testing allows you to keep producing relevant content and keep subscribers from falling off. You’ll want to test to see which content, copy, messaging and brand creative each segment prefers and tailor future messaging accordingly.

5. Add a Subscribe Link to Your Signature

Your email signature is another great opportunity to engage with your audience and get them into your database. You and your team likely send hundreds of emails per day, imagine if just a small number utilize that signature link to subscribe, your database will grow exponentially over time. Adding that simple subscribe link is a quick and easy easy way to generate additional subscribers to your database.

Easily manage your email database by leveraging things like social media and special promotions. The great thing is, all of these areas are relatively low effort, high impact ways to get your database growing at the pace you need it to.

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