Sports fans are some of the most loyal people in the country.

They joyfully take on the likes and dislikes of their team without hesitation. 59% of Americans from all age groups, genders, racial backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes would classify themselves as such individuals.

The St. Louis Cardinals’ fan base is no exception. This iconic team continues to make their mark in history and in fans’ hearts each time baseball season comes back into full swing.

What does this mean for you as business owner?

Associating your brand with Cardinals’ baseball is one of the smartest marketing decisions you could ever make. You have the opportunity to position yourself as a devoted supporter of a team that has already won the hearts of thousands of highly invested fans. Imagine how this unmatched level of fan loyalty could translate into dedicated future customers.

The pump has already been primed by the baseball team. All you have to do now is attach your name to the movement. It’s time to step up to bat!

Don't wait. Step up to the plate! 

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