Brandsformation - Coming back in April, 2018!

When: October 24th, 2017 from 8am - 12pm
Where: Courtyard Marriott Event Center, 3301 Lemone Industrial Blvd, Columbia, MO 65201

In their corner, the big guys have teams of marketing professionals along with large budgets for research and advertising. Finally, the small business owner has someone in their corner, Chuck Mefford. In this seminar, Chuck will share real branding success stories as well his System that any good business can implement, and brand their business just like the big guys. You’ll love what BrandsFormation® can do to accelerate the growth of your company.

The Seminar Includes:

  • Getting a return on your advertising Investment in tough times
  • You’ve got a great story…why aren’t you telling it?
  • Two questions every business must ask themselves
  • Dumb mistakes and how you can avoid them
  • Nothing happens without a great strategy
  • Building your brand with Bricks and Mortar
  • How to measure your advertising results
  • 4-step system to BrandsForming your small business