We're giving away up to


in matching grants to local businesses!


In partnership with Zimmer Communications, fuze32 Marketing is giving away up to $250,000 in matching grants toward a comprehensive marketing plan for local businesses. 

It's your chance to double your marketing efforts, participate in a Brand Marketing Workshop with our team to develop a customized brand strategy, and have access to the wide array of services offered from this partnership. 

Winners will have access to:



Social Media

Custom Creative

Brand Marketing Workshop

and more!


APPLy EARLY! Grants awarded in May, june and july. 


Within 48 business hours after you complete your application, one of our strategists will reach out with a determination. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This grant is for new marketing only and is not applicable as a credit on current invoicing. It is also a matching grant that will match, dollar for dollar, a new advertising investment up to the awarded amount. 


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